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Our complaints policy

We are committed to providing a high-quality legal service to all our clients. When something goes wrong we need our clients to tell us about it. This will help us to improve.

Client Care Handler

The firm’s client care handler is Jacqui Fulton and all complaints are dealt with by her.

Complaints Procedure

1. In the first instance the fee-earner receiving the complaint will endeavour to resolve the complaint but must notify his supervisor by email immediately upon receipt of the complaint.

2. If the complaint remains unresolved fourteen days after receipt then it will be formally acknowledged in writing by Jacqui Fulton. Should any further information or explanation be required we will ask the complainant for this within a further period of fourteen days.

3. All complaints that reach this stage will be recorded in a central register and a separate file will be opened for each one.

4. The complaint and additional information supplied will then be reviewed by Jacqui Fulton in conjunction with the relevant fee earner against whom the complaint is made and by reference to the complainant’s file.

5. If appropriate we may suggest a meeting with Jacqui Fulton to discuss and hopefully resolve it.

6. If there is no meeting then we will write fully to the complainant setting out the firm’s view and any redress that we feel appropriate (“the firm’s response letter”).

7. The firm’s response letter will be sent (by post or email) within twenty-one days of registration of the complaint (see paragraph 3 above) or fourteen days after any additional information or explanation is received or fourteen days after any meeting whichever is the later. If due to unforeseen circumstances the response letter is to be despatched beyond the twenty-one day time period notice will be given in writing to the complainant beforehand together with notice of the new date the response letter will be despatched.

8. In appropriate cases the complainant could be offered an apology, a reduction of a bill or repayment in relation to any payment received by the firm.

9. If the complainant is not satisfied with the proposals set out in the firm’s letter of response the complainant is invited to write to Jacqui Fulton and the firm’s response letter will then be reviewed (“the final review”).

10. The result of the final review will be sent to the complainant (by post or email) within fourteen days of the date the complainant gives notice of dissatisfaction of the terms of the letter of response.

11. When writing to the complainant confirming the firm’s final position and setting out the reasons for it the name and address of the Legal Ombudsman (“the LEO”)will be supplied so that if the complainant remains dissatisfied contact can be made with the LEO.

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