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I’m not sure if I have a legal case or not. Can I call for advice?

Yes. At Equine Law UK we are happy to talk through your situation before advising on the best course of action. It is always best to call as soon as possible after an issue crops up. If we think you have a case we can offer representation. Our Equine Lawline offers an advice service (see contact details for further information)

I bought a horse two months ago after a pre-purchase vetting. He is now lame. Can I sue the vet?

We will be very happy to talk to you about the situation. You may well have a legal case. We understand this is an upsetting issue when you are forging a relationship with a new horse and have hopes for a happy future together. Information we will need to enable us to decide if we can take your case forward is what type of pre-purchase vetting was carried out, its reported findings and for what purpose the horse was examined by the vet (i.e.. general riding, evening etc.).

I have been called to a hearing after an examination of my horse by a competitive body found traces of a banned substance. Can you represent me?

Yes we can. Jacqui Dark (nee Fulton) has higher rights of audience which means we can offer representation up to and including the High Court. Banned substance regulations, as well as the Court of Arbitration for Sport, are areas of expertise for us. Call us to discuss the case.

A rider sustained an injury while competing at an event organised by us and is now pursuing legal action. Should we call for advice?

Definitely. We are experienced in acting on behalf of competitive bodies and organisations in the equine world. We will go through the facts with you before deciding on the best course of forward action.

We want to employ a groom/farriery trainee/take in new liveries. Can we simply buy ready made contracts and fill in names and details ourselves?

Some equine legal firms will offer this service for a reduced fee. However, you should be aware that ‘one size fits all’ contracts are never as watertight as bespoke versions. At Equine Law UK we are happy to talk through your individual needs and advise on what type of contract will offer you the best protection and value for money. Please get in touch with us here at Equine Law UK. We are happy to discuss your situation and advise on the best course of action.

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