Equine Lawline

Our Equine Lawline is especially useful for initial advice.


This statement is released on behalf of 9 owners of beloved horses and ponies. From the evening of 13 October 2020 horses liveried at Clough House Liveries, Soyland, Ripponden, Sowerby Bridge became unwell, the first horse was originally thought to be showing signs of choking. In a victory for the owners, Kevin Horsefall, the owner […]

Changes to the Highway Code to protect Horses and Riders

The Highway Code changes are here The guidance has been updated to stipulate that a safe distance for passing horse riders or horse drawn vehicles is at least 2 metres (6.5 feet) at speeds of less than 10 mph. This is very good news for horses and their riders.

Fireworks and animals – what can you do if they distress your animals?

Many people live in fear of the November fireworks period because of the noise created by fireworks, which may distress children and the elderly, and inevitably leads to extreme distress in household pets and other large animals such as horses and ponies. The distress caused to people and animals by the noise of the fireworks […]

Horse Transporters – Operator’s Licence Warning

If you transport horses as part of your equestrian profession, you will most likely need an Operator’s Licence. If you don’t have one you may be breaking the law for which you can be prosecuted. Please don’t be fooled by the assumption that if you do not move horses for profit (horse transportation) that you […]