I can’t believe it – I am being sued!

I hear this so often. Clients unable to believe that they are being sued and that this can be allowed by the Court system. Equestrians and equestrian centres and livery yards having to defend personal injury claims often lead to clients questioning how this can be happening to them. As a Solicitor this is a […]

Mediation – Can we use this in our Equine Dispute?

Collaborative law is a new concept in family law and involves both parties signing an agreement to resolve their divorce face to face and without going to Court. If either party breaks this agreement and decides that they want the Courts to decide how assets are split and who has custody of any children etc. both […]

Making the most of rider sponsorship

Rider sponsorship is highly sought after and an essential part of a professional rider’s funding.  And we all know how expensive horses are and that every penny counts, especially in the current economic climate.  But where a sponsor exploits a rider, usually where there is not a sponsorship agreement in place, the resulting dispute is often time […]

Law change in store covering Drones

Riders are increasingly concerned about drones, it has emerged, as the government prepares new control laws. The British Horse Society (BHS) said it is aware of riders’ concerns and a spokesman urged drone users to consider their possible impact on horses. Riders have been lucky to avoid a serious accidents when drones have been released […]


Owners of horses, ponies and donkeys in England will face a £200 fine if they are not microchipped by October 2020. The introduction of compulsory microchipping in England – and fines of £200 for those who do not comply – is a “huge advance” for equines, experts believe. The previous chipping requirements, which only applied […]

Equine Lawline Launched

We are delighted to announce that we have set up and launched an Equine Lawline to enable equestrians to obtain legal advice without the need to instruct a Solicitor formally. Jacqui Fulton comments that “this is ideal for persons wanting to obtain legal advice on a small claims matter where they wish to avoid instructing […]